Elizabeth Hurley Still Going Strong, Chiefs Fan Sniffs Mahomes' Deodorant & Anna Kournikova Liquor Run


Here we gooooooo….Chargers-Chiefs tonight….the final Thursday night game of the year. Next week you’ll get Saturday games. I’m sure there are a few other games on. Maybe some basketball (who cares? The Warriors don’t) and some hockey. Get locked in tonight. It’s crunch time and we get to see if Rivers can win a playoff game during the regular season.
Let’s check in with Elizabeth Hurley, 53
Anna Kournikova leaving Costco after a booze run…much respeck! 
Mad Vikings fan tries to sell U.S. Bank Stadium on Craigslist
Cleveland Browns playoff path…this just needs to happen
Canseco offers to help Trump
Chiefs fan takes a big whiff of Patrick Mahomes deodorant
This Florida Man was arrested for allegedly jerkin it in Target swimsuit section
Here’s Phoebe from UMass

Golden Tee Nothing But Net Hole In One Of The Week


Shrimp of the Day


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