Joey Gallo And A Girlfriend Catch Mavs Game

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Joey Gallo, Texas Rangers dong blaster — 41 dongs in 2018, was at Wednesday night’s Hawks-Mavs game with what appears to be a new girlfriend and not his old girlfriend Shelbi Alyssa, who had a run as a Chargers cheerleader. That was way back in 2015 which is a lifetime ago. Now Joey is living the Texas life and there are plenty of IGers running around to take to the basketball games.
Gallo, who struck out 207 times this season, still hasn’t hit the MLB contract motherlode, but he clearly has ties to land sweet tickets to see a December game to see the second worst team in the Eastern Conference. Gallo must not be very deep into this relationship because he didn’t even show his new girl on his IG Story from the game.
I’m sure someone from our Dallas readership knows what’s going on with Gallo and the new girl. Looks like a case of cuffing to me.
via Twitter

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