Meet Joey Gallo's Girlfriend Shelbi Alyssa

Sorry jersey chasers, new MLB sensation Joey Gallo already has a hot girlfriend named Shelbi Alyssa, who happens to be a model and is Miss Greater San Diego 2015. You should’ve known that a guy who made his debut Tuesday night and was a triple short of a cycle would already be hooked up. I know, I know…you’re struggling with this news.
Shelbi is a relative unknown to the internet. She’s sitting at 330 Twitter followers and just shy of 8,000 on Instagram. That’s all about to change. Nothing helps a modeling career take off like Gallo, 21, coming into the majors and launching an upper deck shot — at home.
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And let me add that Shelbi is a Chargers Girl.
I know, this just keeps getting worse for the Gallo jersey chasers. Shelbi will be cheering for the Chargers this upcoming season. This will be her third season. According to her bio, she’s pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism at Orange Coast College.
[Shelbi Alyssa – IG]

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