Georgina Gentle Seems To Like Bronzer, Collinsworth Is Enjoying The Memes & Fan Busts Penalty Box Glass

Raptors-Warriors? That seems to be the best you can do on TV tonight. I was a little disappointed in the Mike Tyson-Buster Douglas 30 for 30. Where was Mike? You might as well not even do the show without Mike talking about that moment in boxing history. The old footage from 1980s boxing was great, but I was underwhelmed by the full body of work. I guess it was good for those who weren’t alive during that period.
Georgina Gentle seems to like bronzer, the sun & maybe a Busch Light here and there
Jimmy G’s porn star dinner date still answering questions about Jimbo
Cris Collinsworth is enjoying the memes
Guy hits the penalty box glass at the Avs game…yep, it shatters
Buy this place in Bel-Air for $56 million
Florida Man & Florida Woman carnival workers accused of murdering at carnival
Nicole Kidman as Gretchen Carlson for the upcoming Fox News movie
Here’s golfer Lucy Robson

Top Golf Trick Shot Video of the Week

Shrimp of the Day

Brooke Hogan (Not Hulk's Daughter) Gets Tuesday Rolling, NASA Beefs With Steph & Al Roker Spits Fire
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