Brooke Hogan (Not Hulk's Daughter) Gets Tuesday Rolling, NASA Beefs With Steph & Al Roker Spits Fire

It’s Buster Douglas vs. Mike Tyson 30 for 30 night on ESPN. That’s on at 9 ET. I remember where I was sitting. I remember my grandmother’s place like it was yesterday. I remember how my grandparents would throw fight parties and how the entire family would come over to watch boxing. It was a huge deal. The fight was a day before my birthday so we all got together and watched what would be the biggest upset in modern boxing history. Can’t wait to see tonight’s show.
Brooke Hogan (not Hulk’s daughter) gets Tuesday rolling
Al Roker talking mad shitt on Twitter…this is great
NASA’s beefin’ with Steph Curry over Moon landing
Imagine Dragons is comin to your cit-tay
The new Cris Collinsworth viral moment the Internet is going wild over
Bama fan calls Finebaum with an absurd claim about Kyler Murray
Cannibal Corpse guitarist in hot water over what went down in Florida
Here’s Nicole from Florida

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