High School Football Player Destroys Locker Room Chair With Sledgehammer

via Fox 13
What happens when a high school team loses to a rival and the sledgehammer used to jack up the team before the game gets into the hands of a triggered and emotional football player? A locker room can get destroyed — at least a chair in that locker room — and now a Sutter Union football player, a minor, is paying the price for getting so triggered.
Add in the fact that a run-on-the-field sledgehammer was used and this was all put on Snapchat and you have a very 2018 story right here that’s sure to get some serious attention on Facebook where old time football players are going to go First Take on this one.
According to Fox 13:

The troubled varsity football player still wore his shoulder pads as he swung a sledgehammer, demolishing a couch his opponent’s locker room. The incident happened after the section playoff game against between West Valley High and Sutter Union High in Cottonwood.
“Yah some things got out of hand… he was definitely upset about the loss about the loss,” said Cameron Applegarth. “Our school is looked at like a piece of trash. We look like bullies we look like sore losers.”

For context, Sutter lost 7-0 to West Valley in the playoffs and finished the year 9-2.
The bad look here is that the fellow players were encouraging their teammate to go postal on that poor chair that did nothing wrong but try to give these no-stars some comfort before and after a big game. The chair didn’t deserve this death. The other bad look is that you threw it on Snap. I know, it has to go on Snap so people can all laugh at it, but now you have a kid suspended and the local news asking questions.
It’ll all pass and these guys will be laughing about this 5-10 years from now. Everything will be fine.

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