What Was Gronk Doing On 69-Yard Miami Miracle?

Without even looking or trying to figure out Bill Belichick’s mumbles, I’ll predict that the Patriots had Gronk out on the field for Sunday’s Miami Miracle to break up a Hail Mary attempt since he’s like 6’7 and could box out. The problem is that Ryan Tannehill couldn’t throw a ball 69-yards even if he had a rocket launcher attached to his shoulder. That left a broken down Gronk, who just played a full game and was thinking of getting ROCKED AF on South Beach, to play sweeper against Kenyan Drake.
Advantage: Drake.
The network broadcast didn’t show Gronk until he was getting juked into the turf and Drake was off to the races. Thanks to Dolphins Fan, we can see that Gronk was chillin’ between the 15 and 20 just hoping he could get into a party bus and snap off a few vodka Red Bulls before the team plane took off for Boston.
Belichick takes responsibility for having Gronk out there. Bill overthought this one too much.

“It was a little too far to get to the end zone, but certainly a deep pass in that situation is a possibility. I wouldn’t rule that out.”

Little too far? You think?


If Gronk was going to give up a touchdown, of course it was going to be 69 yards:

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