Meet Nicole From Florida

With pretty much 3/4 of the United States freezing its balls off tonight I thought it was appropriate that we head to Florida — specifically the University of Florida to visit with Nicole, an Instagramer who will graduate from UF in 2022 with a massive IG following since it’s 2018 and she’s already sitting at 30k. This is a pretty typical time of year to turn to Florida to see what it’s like to not wear a coat and still pump out quality IG content.
My dad called this weekend and said he can’t wait for the holidays to be over so he can hit the road to Naples where he’ll rarely wear a shirt, never wear pants and rarely miss a day of fishing on the intercoastal waters. I’ll give him maybe one more year before he starts spending half the year at his winter place. I can’t really blame him. He can either deal with living in SW Ohio and avoiding meth addicts or spend his time in Florida amongst Florida Men and the beautiful weather.
As for Nicole, she’s never dealing with cold weather. Go try to find an IG of her wearing a coat — you can’t. It’s forever summer while us schmucks up north sit here in the cold not really stepping foot outside again until mid-March.

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BREAKING: Blakey Arianator Has Retired
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