Nick Bosa & Miss Ohio, Buy Curt Menefee’s House, Plus Olivia Munn Weighs In On Rodgers

Maine at Weber State DI-AA action tonight on ESPN2 should be fun. It’s weird to think that these college guys can survive during a playoff. There’s also a bunch of the normal stuff to fake watch while you’re out there chasing skirts at the bars. Good luck to those of you having Christmas office parties. That should be fun.

Nick Bosa and Miss Ohio seems to be on

Olivia Munn has an opinion on Aaron Rodgers sorta making up with parents

Buy Curt Menefee’s house

NCAA about to monetize sports betting…they’ll screw up something guaranteed

Check out the Notre Dame playoff unis

This hard livin’ Oklahoma teacher popped for trafficking meth

Florida Man’s lemur jumps out of trailer while he’s pulled over on the highway

Here’s ECU Kylie

The Jags Offensive Line Is Having Some Troubles Video of the Day

I'm not an offensive line expert, but this doesn't look good for the Jags

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) December 7, 2018

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