Meet ECU Kylie – College Instagram Superstar

We used to have an intern around here who was gung ho creating content for like 2-3 months and then he disappeared. I can’t even remember his name now, but he was a huge ECU fan. Swore by ECU football. Swore by the partying at East Carolina. Swore that I needed to do a trip to Greenville, North Carolina to experience the madness, but I could never find a big game at ECU that would warrant a trip. I’m down with partying, but I sorta need a quality football game to go with it.
This year maybe that game is against national champion UCF on October 20. The problem is that ECU is garbage. They just lost to NC A&T. Looks like I need to keep waiting on my trip to ECU.

That said, Kylie from ECU clearly doesn’t have a care in the world how the football team is looking. She goes to ECU and doesn’t miss an ECU party. I don’t blame her a bit. Go hard, get that education, graduate, get a good job, go back on weekends and get hammered. Kylie clearly has it all planned out.
The lesson today: be like Kylie.
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