Apparently Ariana Grande Runs the Internet Now and I Want To Join Her Team

So this is not news to anybody, but Ariana Grande is kind of a big deal. She is one of the biggest pop stars on the planet and had one of the most famous break-ups in a long time after her bright burning romance with Pete Davidson. Now she dropped the music video for her latest hit, Thank U, Next and it is apparently the most popular music video of all time and starred Kris Jenner.

55 million views in 24 hours. Holy hell. If something I do gets 55 views in 24 hours I feel pretty good about my work. I can’t even comprehend that many people being interested in you.
All of this has me thinking. Is Ariana Grande officially the queen of the internet? It used to Beyonce. Beyonce used to be the “QUEEENNNNNNNN” and if you fucked with her in any way the Bey Hive would come after you so hard that you would have to delete your account, smash your phone, and start again from scratch. But she has totally lost her fastball. I don’t know if people care if Beyonce exists anymore. Ariana Grande, on the other hand, has the most powerful hive on the planet right now. There are a million 15-year-old girls that all have Ariana Grande as their Twitter avatar and their name is something like “Ariana is My Queen and If You Disagree I Will Trace Your IP Address and Kill You” or something like that. I mean seriously.

There is an account for Ariana Grande from every single country including fucking INDONESIA. There are accounts for Ariana Grande & Michael Jackson fans which I guess is a big market?? Because that account has 34K followers. I’m not kidding. 25K is a minimum for these accounts. I have also learned that Ariana Grande fans are called “Arianators” which sounds only slightly Nazi-ish. Either way, this is a group I want to be a part of.
I posted this poll yesterday expressing my interest in becoming an Arianator and it seems the people are on board with it and guess what? I would have done it anyway.

The college football regular season has ended and Blakey Locks can be retired. I am officially Blakey Arianator. I have always wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself and I think this is finally my chance. I hope you all support me through this time because I personally can’t wait.
Ariana Forever.

(Of course I was still gonna give you pics)

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