Meet FIU Golfer Michelle Rodriguez

There was a period this year when the Florida International U. golf team was featured a couple of times and I pretty much determined that the FIU golf team was pretty much the NCAA IG National Champions. There was Hannah and Gabriela just destroying IG and pretty much putting all other college golfers on notice that FIU isn’t playing games here.┬áNow comes Michelle Rodriguez.
Michelle, a junior, is a Miami native who clearly understands the IG game. She played two seasons at South Florida before coming to her senses and returning to the Miami area where winter is perfect and she doesn’t have to deal with those Tampa temps that can get a little chilly in January. Now she can golf, IG by the pool, do whatever she wants in the sun and comfort of Miami while getting an education and playing great golf courses.
Have I ever told you guys that one of my great regrets in life was not playing high school golf? Total regret. Think of all those comped greens fees. Think about playing college golf. The travel to beautiful places like Hawaii for a college golf tournament. Playing the best of the best in Florida. Must be a tough life for a college golf athlete.
Michelle and the team will crank it back up in January with a match against South Florida before a typical Florida, South Carolina and Arizona spring season. Meanwhile, it’s time to pump out some IG content.

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