Steelers Fan Head Butts Fellow Steelers Fan During Chargers Game

How are things in Pittsburgh this morning after blowing that game against the Chargers? Fans are waking up to a head-butt video featuring a couple Steelers fans having an argument and it’s settled by one man landing an incredibly vicious head-butt to another man’s face. I guess this is what happens when the teams gives up its largest blown lead at home in team history. More on that below.
You really hate to see the self-defined best fans in the NFL melting down like this, especially when the schedule doesn’t get any easier. What if I told you the Steelers still to play the Patriots and on the road against the Saints? 2-2 leaves them at 9-6-1. Uh oh, this isn’t good.

Are we back to thinking the Steelers defense isn’t any good? Did you see what Justin Jackson did to that defense in the 4th quarter?

Best observation from the head-butting video:

Bolt God enjoyed that W

Doesn’t look like they’re very happy…lololol

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