LeBron James Jr. To Duke?

LeBron James Jr. and his son LeBron James Jr. Bronny at a basketball game

via @KingJames

Sounds like it’s official, LeBron James Jr. — also known as Bronny — will be playing at Duke for Coach K if LeBron James has any say in the matter when his 8th grade son gets around to a college career before his eventual jump to the NBA to play with dad before King James ends his career.

LeBron posted on Instagram today, “Big FACTS! Love Coach K!! The absolute BEST! Hope he’s still at the helm when my boy comes up.” This was a reaction to Coach K telling the hype machine to act like responsible adults with all the Zion Williamson hype. Specifically, Coach K had this to say:

“Let’s get real about this whole thing,” Krzyzewski told reporters Tuesday. “Let’s not get spoiled. We’ve got four 19-year-old kids that are busting their ass trying to learn how to play and have a lot of pressure on them.

That’s it, LeBron’s sold. The only problem here might be that Coach K is 71, turns 72 in February, and Bronny is in 8th grade.

LeBron is a big fan of Coach K dialing down the hype on his talented Duke team 👀 pic.twitter.com/MEosYYSDW5

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) November 28, 2018

Cut it out, Duke fans:

Now keep this in mind:

Few coaches have ever made it into their 70s and continued coaching as Mark Titus at the ringer points out. Bob Knight stepped away at age 67, Jim Calhoun retired at 69 (nice) and Steve Fischer just retired at age 72. Phog Allen, Adolph Rupp, Eddie Sutton and Jerry Tarkanian all retired before 73. Lou Henson retired just after he turned 73 and John Chaney was the oldest to ever coach division I at age 74.

Just a hunch here, but I’m going to say Bronny will miss out on Coach K by a couple years, but that’s not to say dad won’t be able to hire K for some private lessons on the side where Mike can fly into L.A. via Bron’s private jet and work on the kid’s game a little bit. I’m sure this will all work out in some fashion.