Stephen A. Smith Confirms He is Still a "Booty Leg and Hip Man To The Core"

Stephen A. is a national treasure. A lot of the hot take artists these days are so contrived and phony, but Stephen A. is the king of this shit. Everyone else in the game is just trying to live up to him. The reason Stephen A. will never come off like that is because he is so purely Stephen A. I don’t think he plans any of this shit out, it is just Stephen A. being Stephen A. All of the things he says are his absolute beliefs. If you don’t get the reference in that tweet then 1. you’re dumb and 2. watch this video immediately.

You can tell that Stephen A. is not a faulty hot take artist because he talks about sex in the same way that he talks about Aaron Rodgers or Kevin Durant. “MAX KELLERMAN! IF THIS WOMAN DOES NOT HAVE VOLUPTUOUS THIGHS, YOU THINK THERE IS A CHANCE I WOULD COURT HER? NO. WAY. IN. HELLLLLL.”
And the quotes out of this thing are all time:
“I’m a booty leg and hip man to the core. If you don’t have that, it’s insulting that you even approached me.”
What an unbelievable line. You don’t do 100 squats a day and you have the GALL to speak to STEPHEN A. SMITH? Fool.
“I had a girlfriend who OBVIOUSLY was stacked. Kardashian, JLo, Beyonce type stacked.”
If you didn’t think Stephen A. was dating women comparable to the sexiest women on the planet, then YOU SIR are the fool here.
Finally, “her body was in the bedroom, but her booty was stickin outside of it. I realized what we were fightin about wasn’t that important, because by the end of that night I wanted that.”
Just stellar relationship advice from the king. Willing to put aside arguments that could be detrimental to their future so that he could get his hands on that booty. Who cares that this thing is for sure not going to work out long term if this is how we solve our problems? Because on this Thanksgiving night, Stephen A. is getting in that booty. Good for you Stephen A.
Now years later, the people demand answers. Has the money and the fame changed you, Stephen A.? Do you still demand a certain level of curvaceousness to your women?

Of course he does. Keep doing you Stephen A.

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