Weird Al Nails This Performance In Every Press Conference Ever

Internet nerds are all excited today over the new Weird Al press conference video that’s being passed around, so I’ll address this real fast. Internet guys hate press conferences until Steph Curry brings his daughter to the press conference. Then it’s giggles from the masses. Then, if you don’t giggle along, they’ll crush you for being heartless and tweet something like “You just don’t get it.” Then, there will be press conferences that Internet Guy calls stupid and he can’t understand why we even have press conferences these days.
Would I enjoy having a beer with 98% of the Internet Guys out there? Absolutely not. Most are complete dorks.
Anyway, the best part about this Weird Al presser is that the black dude is the star and the little white guy is a bench player. Love that part. Also love the part where a hot blonde is the sideline reporter.
Grade: A
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