Eagles Fan Sammy Draper Has Been On A Heater












You know who just might be the breakout star of 2018 as far as NFL superfans go? None other than Eagles fan Sammy Draper, the Instagram superstar who shot out of the gates early in 2018 and has absolutely dominated the end of November with an arsenal of IGs that includes an Eagles-inspired photo, one of Sammy attacking a fridge and one where she’s attacking a dining room chair.
I know we’re in this new world where we’re not allowed to mention that there are NFL IG models out there tearing it up, but as you guys know by now I don’t care what all the critics say about that side of the internet. If an IG model is tearing up the Internet, I’m going to compliment her on the effort.
According to Sammy’s IG bio, she is challenging you to “escape the ordinary.” I have to say, that’s great advice guys. It’s advice I wish my Bengals would live by. I wish they’d fire that idiot below average Marvin Lewis, then have him pack up below ordinary Hue Jackson’s office and send him to California. I actually love this “escape the ordinary” mantra.
Sammy is out here living it and pumping out fire content. Go follow along and you might enjoy Sunday bar trips where Sammy is pounding beers and shots. Trust me here.


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