Eagles Fan Sammy Draper Kicks Off The 2018 Season With A Bang


I’ve said it time after time after time…if you want to create commotion on IG or any other social media stream, and you’re a IG model, create pics of you wearing team gear and watch the masses roll in. Remember when Sports Illustrated had Playmate Jamie Edmondson do her NFL photo series? Those photos are still being used on message boards and that was like 7-8 years ago. Those are iconic Internet photos that will live on until most of us here are dead.
That brings me to IG superstar and Eagles fan Sammy Draper and the photo she dropped last night. It’s the second pic in the gallery above. It’s 2018, I can’t really post that pic right here in the post because some fake feminist will get all bent out of shape, cause a scene and contact Google. Blah, blah, blah.
Sammy clearly knows how to create commotion on IG. She’s what the marketing experts call an influencer. One pic and people are instantly influenced. Men are influenced. Women are influenced to start looking like Sammy. It’s quite powerful for the influencer.
The key here is that Sammy isn’t just some flukey fan. She was actually out last night in her jersey suckin down Mich Ultras and sweating out that 18-12 victory.
I’m all in. Can’t wait for Sammy to crank out more content this season.


Eagles Fan Pounding A Glorious Lombardi Shot Luge Outside Lincoln Financial
Eagles Fan Pounding A Glorious Lombardi Shot Luge Outside Lincoln Financial