Diego Maradona Gives The Most Electric Postgame Interview Of All Time

The GOAT for a reason. The way Diego understands the beautiful game is poetic to say the least. This is why Americans will never be able to truly grasp soccer. We will never understand its subtleties and nearly be moved to tears like Diego was. Maybe it’s just our culture. I aspire to care about anything the way that Diego cares about MX League First Division soccer. He leaves these reporters speechless with his astute commentary and elegant prose. You can even see the interviewer on the right looking around for some sort of lifeline because he knows nothing that he says back can compete with the bomb that Diego just dropped on their airwaves. Just magnificent.
In all seriousness, this clip is fucking hilarious. Diego Maradona, one of the greatest soccer players of all time, could not give less of a shit about what these jamokes have to say. If the most recent World Cup was any indication, Diego is still very much living his best life.

Maybe a couple hits of that bam bam would have had him a little more enthused about that interview. Alas, Diego had either had not enough or FAR TOO MUCH tequila and had nothing to contribute to that conversation. And to the haters, Diego has one thing to say:

Never change, Diego.

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