Meet Ali Bologna From Michigan

Well, it’s officially Michigan-Ohio State week and the content suggestions are already rolling in. The DMs were lit up this morning with Michigan fans wanting a little respect around here for the whipping they’re about to put on Ohio State who struggled to survive against Maryland. Michigan Man said we should get the week rolling with Ali Bologna, an Alpha Phi who actually posts school branded content, which is fairly rare from the IG ladies.
So here we are with what appears to be Michigan’s year to finally get over the hump. Ali & her friends will finally feel what it’s like to be on top of the Big Ten. She’s not old enough to remember the last time Michigan went to Ohio State and won a game. It’s something Michigan has not done since 2000.

Now Michigan rolls in as the favorite…

…and then the Wolverines would go on to smoke Northwestern and end its Big Ten title drought which is measured in Miley Cyrus years.

Congrats to Ali and her friends, the streak is about to end during their years in school.

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