Meet Elle Cook From Arizona State

It’s time to get back to the grind with the IG college models contending for the IG College National Championship. I’ve received a few emails this week saying that I’ve been slacking on these posts so it’s back to pounding out a few for the loyalists who are tracking the national championship standings. Let’s go back to Arizona State today — has to be an odds on favorite to win the team national title — and meet with Elle Cook.
Elle, checking in right now with 8,500 IG followers, says in her bio that she’s┬áMiss Montana Teen USA 2017 and wants her followers to “SPEND YOUR DAYS HAPPY.”
That’s an easy statement when you go to school at Arizona State and it’s pool weather 320 days a year. Some of these guys out here are stuck in snow and are about to dive into a seasonal depression which will only be exacerbated by lack of sunshine for about 100 straight days.
As for the content Elle is pumping out on the IG, it appears she’s big time into IG Story where IG College Models usually post nothing of substance, but they are addicted to posting so they go nuts in the process. She has one IG Story channel dedicated to Arizona State that I would suggest when the snow gets to the 15-18″ mark and you can’t leave the house.

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