Nebraska Man Threatens Rommies Over Thermostat Setting, Cops Allege

from WTAE
Been there…minus the ax attack. I’ve been on the couch minding my own business before when I can hear Mrs. BC’s footsteps coming up from behind me. It’s like 11:30, I’ve been watching football uninterrupted for a couple hours and then the words start raining down on me, “It’s cold in here, what’s the thermostat set at?” I know what it means, it means that she wants me to tell her it’s not up high enough and that we should turn it up a degree or two.
Now, what never happens in this situation is Mrs. BC carrying an ax and threatening me with the ax like what allegedly went down early Wednesday morning in Lincoln, Nebraska where this guy John Crane allegedly went TF off on his roomies.
From WTAE:

Police in Lincoln, Nebraska, have arrested a man accused of threatening his roommates with an ax. Police were called just after 5:30 a.m. Wednesday to a scene near 26th and Y streets. The roommates woke to their roommate, John Crane, 46, wielding a red-handled ax, officers said. They told police that Crane was intoxicated and upset the thermostat was set too low. They told police that Crane told them to get out.

The big shocker here is that it happened at 5:30 a.m. Normally you’d see this kind of activity around midnight, but you have to figure that Crane doesn’t live a normal life where he gets to bed at a decent hour. Plus, you add in that he was intoxicated and it turns into an issue at 5:30 a.m. Hate to see it.

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