Fitchburg State Basketball Player Suspended For Throwing Vicious Elbow

A Fitchburg State basketball player threw an elbow at a player from Nichols State

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Fitchburg State guard Kewan Platt, a criminal justice major, is in big trouble over a hard foul during a game against Nichols College Tuesday night that has gone viral and turned into major drama for the Massachusetts school. TMZ is pumping out updates. Instagram is littered with the video. Platt has been suspended and barred from campus. It’s a real mess we have here thanks to Platt losing his mind and throwing that elbow.

From TMZ:

Fitchburg State has suspended Platt and barred him from campus for an unspecified amount of time.

“The Fitchburg State community is appalled by the conduct displayed during Tuesday night’s home basketball game.”

“His behavior is antithetical to our community values and good sportsmanship. Fitchburg State does not tolerate behavior that violates those standards. The case is being reviewed at the student conduct level for consideration of further sanctions.”

We’re talking about D-III basketball here. Nbd. Couple teams just playing out the stretch in November. Nichols won this game 84-75, but that’s not going to matter. The big problem here for Platt is that once you go viral for this, you’re not going to wipe the Internet of this moment. The eventual job search isn’t going to go very well.

As for Nate Tenaglia, the kid who was hit, he remained in the game and hit two of the three free throws for the foul.

Is that a targeting penalty @NFLOfficiating?

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) November 15, 2018

Nate — Double 00 — stayed in the game:

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