West Virginia Fan Crawls Through Doggy Door, Steals Woman's Jewelry

via WCHS
The Williamson Daily News in West Virginia calls him ‘Slippery Jake’ and reports Jake Jackson Jr. got that name after multiple escapes from a county jail over the years. This time Slipper Jake, as you can see he’s a West Virginia fan, is in trouble for sliding through a doggy door and escaping a house with a pile of jewelry.
How did Slippery Jake get a dirty face for his mugshot? That has yet to be reported. Maybe he was huffing a tailpipe.
From WCHS:

Williamson police have arrested a man they said crawled through a doggy door at a woman’s home and got away with a large amount of jewelry. Jake Jackson Jr., 62, of Matewan is charged with daytime burglary and grand larceny. On Nov. 5, police said he crawled through the doggy door to a home and stole about $6,000 worth of jewelry.

According to a criminal complaint in Mingo County Magistrate Court, police said their information was gathered based on the cooperation of a confidential informant, video surveillance and a confession from Jackson.

The Daily News adds that Slippery admits to all this and says he rang the doorbell to see if anyone was home. Once he figured out that the place was empty, Slippery went right through the dog door and started thieving.
The one thing the newspaper didn’t report on was the size of the dog door. A large dog door checks in at 14.375 x 17.375 inches. I mean, Slippery looks like he is a buck-30 soakin’ wet, but this is still an accomplishment out of this guy.

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