Urban Meyer Says Ohio State Looking Into Legal Action Against Brett McMurphy

Urban Meyer announced via teleconference today that Ohio State is looking into legal action against WatchStadium reporter Brett McMurphy after today’s report implicating Meyer covered up a racial incident that McMurphy claims happened between a former wide receiver and former wide receivers coach Zach Smith.
McMurphy claims “Urban Meyer helped cover up a racially-charged practice altercation.” That’s the claim. And Brett then goes into a massive report on how Trevon Grimes — the wide receiver in question — wanted to leave Ohio State because of the incident and how Grimes’ father was called to save his son. The report eventually dives into Grimes’ mother’s health and then moves into the Grimes family having legal and financial problems.
It’s a real mess and, according to Meyer, the university is now at a breaking point and ready to see if they can do anything here.

The university has issued a firm statement on the report and it appears McMurphy has finally found a red line with the school administration.


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