Texas A&M Fan Arrested For Hitting College Kid With A Hammer Over Tailgating Spot Dispute

via Brazos County Sheriff Department
When the SEC runs commercials that state ‘It Just Means More’ this is exactly what they’re talking about. They’re talking about the tailgating at Texas A&M meaning so much that a very grown man is willing to go Texas vigilante on some punk college kid trying to steal his tailgating spot before a huge showdown with Ole Miss. Police say Robert Patterson took a hammer and hit the college kid over the party foul.
From KXXV:

Police said the argument began when 57-year-old Robert Patterson removed the 21-year-old’s stakes from the ground that outlined the area claimed for tailgating at the football game the following day.
When police arrived at the tailgating spot near the Texas A&M University Student Rec Center, the victim had a visible red spot on his arm from the hammer. The victim told police he had completely set his stakes in the ground before Patterson arrived. Patterson then started to remove the victim’s stakes and replace them with his own, causing the argument.
The victim said Patterson threatened to hit him with the hammer several times before doing so.

Bob eventually admitted to hitting the college kid, but says it was done unintentionally.

This might be the same shirt from the booking photo:


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