Will Muschamp Acts Like He Just Found Out It’s Election Day

Will Muschamp acts like he doesn't know it's Election Day

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Here we go with another meathead football coach acting like he just found out it’s Election Day so he can avoid talking about Election Day because he’s going to Stick To Football. Today it was Will Muschamp playing dumb and acting like he’s so laser focused on football and his 5-3 football team that he can’t break script and say, ‘Yeah, I know it’s election day.’

Over the years it has been Nick Saban going full meathead acting like he didn’t know it’s Election Day. Now it’s a goof that Nick Saban is such a robot that he doesn’t know when Election Day rolls around.

Let’s go to the Muschamp exchange:

“Have you approached voting with your guys?”

“You know today is Election Day?”

“I do now,” Will quips. Lololololol. “I’m gettin’ ready for Florida.” 

Will, it wouldn’t kill you to break script and say, “Yes, I know it’s election day. I know because I keep trying to watch tape on Florida, but I keep getting political ads at the beginning of the tape.”

BOOM…great answer.

Yeah, I get it, you want your football coaches to stick to sports. However, it wouldn’t hurt one of the highest paid public employees in South Carolina to maybe have a pulse here and there.

Nick Saban didn’t even know it was a Presidential election day back in 2016…he didn’t have time: