Uma Thurman IS BACK, Scottie Pippen’s Ex-Wife Prowling & Meet LSU Meme Girl

Kent State-Buffalo football game or 40 college basketball games? That’s your night. Those are your options. Is it me or didn’t college basketball used to start Thanksgiving Week with the preseason NIT or the Great Alaska Shootout? It’s November 6 and we have college basketball. That’s what happens when the networks need programming. And for the love of god can’t someone make the Great Alaska Shootout Great Again? That used to be appointment TV before they started playing tournaments in Cancun.

β€’ Uma Thurman, 48, wants your attention

β€’ Scottie Pippen’s wife out & about and maybe prowling for the pipe

β€’ The Palms has new suites that include basketball courts & bowling lanes

β€’ Texas Tech strength coach trucks some fan on the field

β€’ Meet LSU Meme Girl from Saturday’s game

β€’ Triple H needs surgery & this isn’t some WWE bit

β€’ Florida Man school security guard accused of selling coke & pot in uni near school

β€’ Here’s Mackenzie from Alabama

This Guy Is Proud To Be An American Video of the Week

Your Moment of Flair…it's election day

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