19 NSFWBDs React To Election Day

I made the mistake this morning of going over to Facebook to see how my great-aunt is doing and was smacked right in the face by “I Voted” sticker posts. Folks, you wonder why I love the NSFWBDs and look to the NSFWBDs when there’s some big day in society? It’s because day in and day out the NSFWBDs keep shitt real and tell it like it is.
They’re not on Facebook bragging that they voted. They are right there staying in their lane on Twitter dropping truth bombs. While white people are over on Facebook not wanting to look weak because they didn’t post an “I voted” sticker photo, the BDs are busy analyzing the early returns and the vibe they’re catching from fellow BDs.
It’s a mixed bag out there today. We have felon BDs who can’t vote telling non-felons to help out the cause by voting. We have patriotic BDs telling lazy BDs to get off their asses and get to the polls. It’s real talk. It’s what I live for. It’s how I would expect a real person to hold a conversation with me and not be pumping me full of bullshitt.
Thank you BDs.

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14 NSFWBDs React To Hue Jackson Getting Fired
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