14 NSFWBDs React To Hue Jackson Getting Fired

RG3 and Baker Mayfield. Those are the two quarterbacks to win games for Hue Jackson as head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Hue was fired this morning and put out of his misery after his team (specifically the defense) pretty much gave up in the second half against the Pittsburgh Steelers and guaranteed someone was getting fired. In the end it was Hue getting fired, but don’t be super bummed for him. The Browns will have to pay him a 2019 salary and he’ll have a new job by the end of the week – just watch.

Let’s face it, Hue was put in a bad position by a bad owner and a front office that went all analytical a couple years back and hired an attorney who was strong on a computer to draft players. Sashi Brown is long gone and John Dorsey now gets to shape this organization as long as the dumb owner gets out of the way.

Now for the real reaction to this news….let’s go to the NSFWBDs who clearly knew time was running out for Hue. It didn’t help that Hue’s head seemed to be somewhere besides into the game. The BDs can’t really argue with this one. It was all over.

Hue asked why he didn’t use timeouts late in the second quarter: Honestly I don’t even recall that.

— Zac Jackson (@AkronJackson) October 28, 2018