I Am Urging All SEC Fans To Join Me In Not Claiming Bama's National Titles


Alabama has created an unrivaled dynasty in college football. That is an undeniable fact. The Tide have won 5 out of the last 9 championships. Even if somehow they get upset this year, that would still be half of the past decade’s titles. And even that seems improbable as Nick Saban has perfected his empire by adding a real quarterback. Alabama was always an unstoppable force of defense and power running, but they’ve never had a quarterback like Tua before. He was the missing piece of Saban’s global takeover that makes Alabama unbeatable.
As you may have seen, we here at Busted Coverage are working to find some sort of fatal flaw in the Death Star.

It really has become Bama vs. The World. The sad part is that some people refuse to accept it, or at least admit it. There is a sect of SEC fans who claim Bama’s national titles as their own. As a proud South Carolina Gamecock this disgusts me. Anybody who claims a victory because someone in their conference wins is a big ole loser. Now I’m not saying you can’t cheer for them over another team. For example, if Alabama is playing Clemson I will be backed into a corner and have no choice but to cheer for Alabama (or just for a Dark Knight Rises situation where the whole field collapses). But literally CLAIMING a National Title as your own? I won’t stand for it.

If you are a Missouri, Ole Miss, Tennessee, or any other SEC fan outside of Alabama, YOU DID NOT WIN SHIT! Take it from somebody who watches their team get beat around by this conference every single year. Unless you are an Auburn, Florida, or LSU fan you haven’t even won a title this century so shut the fuck up. Some people may not like this part, but the SEC is the best conference in college football. Top to bottom no other conference can touch the SEC. But that just makes Bama’s run all the more impressive. As an SEC fan, you should be madder than anybody. While other conferences still have a shot at the playoff and get beaten down then, we get suppressed by this team every single year.
We as SEC fans (not including Alabama fans) need to be better. We cannot be complacent and sit around chanting SEC! SEC! SEC! when Bama wins another title. We need to demand more from our own teams. We need to decide TOGETHER that we will no longer let this reign of terror continue. We need to push our fellow fans and teams to compete for our own titles, not celebrate others.
If you’re with me I’d like you to repeat the below pledge after me:

I (state your name) do here by pledge, to cheer for my team and push them to be better. Through all adversity and Big Ten trolls, I will not claim another’s Title. I hereby swear to not chant SEC unless my team is involved. Under the eyes of God and the governing body of the NCAA I will not yell Roll Tide at the bar during the National Championship game if I am not an Alabama fan. With liberty and justice for all. Amen.

Thanks, guys. I think we made some real progress today. Let me address some people in closing.
Alabama fans- I am not telling you not to enjoy your titles. This is directed to SEC fans from other schools. We’ll get you someday you sons of bitches.
Fans outside the SEC- Don’t even try saying the SEC isn’t actually that competitive. You sound really dumb. Bama is just that good.
Anybody who tries to use this against me if I cheer for Bama in the future- I will always cheer against Clemson, Georgia, Florida, State Penn, and any team coached by Urban Liar. If Bama plays any of those teams I will want Bama to win, but will not claim the win as my own.
I hope that clears everything up. You can direct any further questions to me @BlakeKrass on Twitter.
I hope to see you all supporting and following the pledge or you will be disavowed. Thank you and good night.

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