Bianca Peters is Danny Amendola's Beach 'Friend'

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I’m not an expert on relationships these days — I’ve been married 8 years — but I think I know when a relationship is over and it sure looks like Danny Amendola is trying to drop a hint to his girlfriend Olivia Culpo, who is over in Australia shooting photos for Sports Illustrated. That’s Danny on Miami Beach enjoying some sun and laughs with Bianca Peters, a local TV reporter for the CBS affiliate.
Danny says the photos dropped by TMZ aren’t what they look like. Uhh bro, I get it. You’re safe in my book.
According to US Magazine:

“Bianca and Danny had met the night before through mutual friends,” the insider reveals. “All their friends met up at the beach on Saturday, [October 27]. Bianca has no plans to hang out with Danny again. It was just a Saturday at the beach.”
The Miami Dolphins wide receiver, 32, and Peters made headlines after they were spotted chatting while soaking up the sun. At one point, he stroked her hair before they took a dip in the ocean together.
The source tells Us, “I don’t think they hooked up.”

Yeah, they totally didn’t hook up. No way.


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