Meet Anne De Paula – Joel Embiid's Girlfriend

via Michael Rubin/IG
What if I told you this kid Joel Embiid is catching all the brakes right now in life. The basketball career is going pretty well. The 76ers ARE BACK. He’s a huge superstar with the kids. Annnnnnddddd…his girlfriend is Brazilian Sports Illustrated model Anne de Paula. Is there anyone hotter than Embiid in the NBA right now? I’ll need to see some evidence.
I know it’s just four games, but Jo Jo is averaging 29.5, 11 boards and seems to be on a mission to destroy the hearts and minds of the Eastern Conference. Meanwhile, de Paula is busy destroying the hearts and minds over on IG where she’s doing the normal IG model thing. Now they’ve combined forces and you have a power couple that could drive the East for years to come. Name another Eastern Conference power couple. Gordon Hayward and his wife? I’ll pass.
What do we know about Anne? Not much, just what SI has put out.

3. She’s a self-professed tomboy. 
Anne never shied away from a sexy swimsuit shoot, but she also has a passion for sports. She got into the Thai combat sport Muay Thai when she was young. “I was a teenager I got into Muay Thai…I absolutely love it. I do it like three times a week,” she told SI. Anne also had a huge passion for soccer when she was little. “I used to play soccer on the team of my city. I used to be a goalkeeper and that was my number one thing. I just loved soccer.”

That must be the bond between her and Joel — soccer. Makes sense.

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