Florida Man Arrested For Beating His Girlfriend While Wearing Inflatable Dinosaur Costume Over Party Dispute

via Local 10
Florida Man Patrick Gallway has some explaining to do to the authorities after his girlfriend called the cops on him for beating her up while he wore an inflatable dinosaur costume over her refusal to attend a party with him. Hmm, wonder why she didn’t want to go to a Halloween party with this idiot? She just wanted to go watch a movie at a friend’s house. Patrick wasn’t down with that choice.
And then, according to the girlfriend and police, the dinosaur attacked.
From the Smoking Gun:

Cops allege that Patrick Gallway, 19, pushed the victim to the ground and proceeded to mount her and “hold her neck to the floor with his left hand.”
The Saturday night confrontation at Gallway’s residence in Port St. Lucie came shortly after the 23-year-old woman arrived at the residence and was met by Gallway “wearing an inflatable dinosaur costume in preparation for a Halloween party.”

Something tells me this relationship isn’t going to work. Ladies, once he lays hands on you while wearing an inflatable dinosaur costume anything is possible. You’re not going to marry the douche anyway. Tell him it’s over and to get his inflatable dinosaur wearing ass out of your life. Tell him you’re moving on to guys who wear tacos.

You can get your very own dinosaur costume for $49 at Walmart:

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