Marijuana Mogul 'Badmothafuckajayy' Got Blazed AF At The Packers-Rams Game…Went Double Blunt!!

I was looking through L.A. Coliseum IGs to see how fans handled themselves Sunday during the Packers-Rams game when I came across a guy smoking blunts who goes by Marijuana Mogul & ‘Badmothafuckajayy’ and spent the day getting blazed under blue skies while being joined by his mother, who didn’t seem impressed by Jay’s blunt prowess.
Over the years I’ve said how the goal of BC is to show you guys things that happened off the field because you already saw the on-field action via Red Zone or SportsCenter. I live for guys like Jay creating content via double blunt action, clearly in IDGAF mode. Just handing out free contact buzzes.
Why was Jay walking around the Coliseum smoking blunts, getting HIGH AF & in general IDGAF mode? His bio says that he “stay higher than most.” And that means you go to the Coliseum and get higher than most. I love how committed Jay is to the game. It could’ve been a quiet day at the game with mom. A nice mother-son day out, maybe get a pile of nachos and a Coke. Not Jay. He’s straight up handing out failed drug tests to whomever would like one.
If I can’t get a fan fight out of Rams fans, I’ll settle for Jay double blunting.

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