Cops: Florida Man Murdered His Girlfriend & Her Son Because He Wanted To Watch Football Game

via Fox13
Imagine being a Florida Man and so triggered over your live-in girlfriend chewing your ass out because you want to watch a football game and leading to you murdering the girlfriend and her 10-year-old son. That’s dedication to football and clearly tells me that the NFL IS…dare I say it(?)… BACK.
You’re talking about a football game at 7 ET or so on a Sunday. Was it the Cowboys-Redskins game or Saints-Ravens? No way it was the Rams-49ers because that definitely wouldn’t be worth pulling a double homicide over.
I’m going with Cowboys-Redskins here.
From Fox 13 via Tampa cops:

(Johnson) engaged in a verbal altercation with his live-in girlfriend over (Johnson) changing the television station to watch a football game. (Johnson) moved to the master bedroom of the apartment because he wanted to pack his belongings and leave. (He) has trouble walking because of an injury incurred while in the military. (He) began packing his clothing when (the female victim) came into the bedroom, continuing to verbally berate him.
(She) allegedly was “tussling” at (Johnson’s) back. (He) claimed (she) pushed him off of his “knee roller” and he sat down on the floor next to the bed. (Her 10-year-old son) approached (Johnson) and accused him of hitting (his mother).
(Johnson) pushed (the child) off of his left side…and then armed himself with what he described as a Glock 22 .40 caliber handgun. (Johnson) then began to fire at (the female victim) as she was holding a Playstation in her hands.

Johnson added that the child exited, then re-entered the bedroom after the initial shooting, according to his affidavit. When the child entered the master bedroom, he fired the handgun at the child, deputies said.

Welp, I went and tracked down Johnson’s Facebook and it appears he’s a 49ers fan. I’m speechless. Someone please tell me he didn’t murder his girlfriend and her son because he wanted to see his team trot CJ Beathard out there to get beat 39-10. Tell me he needed to see that Cowboys-Redskins game.
Let’s go to the Facebook:

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