Rachel Bush Is Putting On An IG Clinic
















Things have quieted down between Rachel Bush and her husband’s slam piece and programming has gone back to normal over at Rachel’s IG where she has regained her focus and is back to showing prospective IG models how things are done around here. The GOAT has gone back-to-back-to-back with IG pool photo shots that should find a spot in the Smithsonian. I’m telling you guys, I have no idea how the lighting is so great in Florida, but it’s way better than what we get in Ohio.
Lighting is clearly important to get the great IG shots.
Rachel has clearly gotten back on track with the three latest photos from the pool series she’s working on. Same location, new pose type thing. Of course guys are hammering the like button and telling all their buddies. I can’t go anywhere without some guy asking me about Rachel. I was on the radio in Buffalo last week talking Rachel content. Even with the baby daddy husband cheating issues, Rachel has had one helluva fall as she prepares to turn 21.

Now for something I’ve been thinking about. Would a museum of internet art ever work? A physical museum where you go and look at IGs that have changed society. I’m talking the best of the best. You hire a museum curator to go out there and find the best IGs that propelled society forward. Go ahead and put the first three photos above into that museum. Maybe you even put the museum in Buffalo, a hard-working content city, just pumping out the content that people want and need to see.
I’d pay $10 to go to a Museum of the Content or something like that. Special Rachel exhibit is an extra $10.

Browns Fans Have Every Right To Be Furious Over This
Browns Fans Have Every Right To Be Furious Over This
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