23 NSFWBDs Analyze The $1.6 Billion Mega Millions Lottery

Here we GOOOOOOOOO! Someone could go to bed early instead of staying up to watch the World Series and wake up a billionaire. Or, someone could be in an office pool and run into a situation where the person in charge of the pool tries to screw the rest of the participants, leading to a wild legal battle over the money. Or, the lottery could have multiple winners and it’s a major buzzkill when one person doesn’t end up a billionaire.
Tensions are high and the NSFWBDs are right in the middle of it over on Twitter. They’ve purchased their tickets and are hunkered down for what could happen at like 11 ET when those numbers are drawn.
The Mega Millions cash option is at $913. Let’s say I hit the Mega here in Ohio. If I take the 20-year annuity, I would get $17,339,253 in year one and then the numbers would go up and way up from there over 30 years. The final payment in the 30th year would be $71,370,718. Each state will have a different tax rate so you can go here to see how much you would take home. In Ohio, if you take cash, it would be $657,864,000 after taxes.
The BDs are ready. They’re ready to make it rain. They’re ready to block out social media. They’re ready to live a new life.


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