Diana Hsaio Is The Puck Ninja From The San Jose Sharks Game

via Twitter
The video of Diana Hsaio catching a hockey puck at a San Jose Sharks game has mesmerized you guys all day and the story gets even better thanks to Diana checking in and telling me more about what went down before Saturday’s 4-1 win over the Islanders. Turns out that Joe Pavelski tossed a puck into the stands like players do at rinks all the time.
Diana picks up the story and tells us what she did with the puck.

Read that again…turns out Diana is an absolute hero out here doing what those jersey chasing men in the crowd likely wouldn’t have done. Think about the grown men hanging out around hockey rinks in their gamers. Those guys treasure those pucks. Diana goes out and grabs one out of thin air and gives it to a little girl.
Buy Diana a drink for me if you run into her at a San Jose rink.

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