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The AP asked people how they would live after hitting the MegaMillions

From the Las Vegas Sun/AP:

Dan Higgins isn’t typically a lottery player, but he decided to give it a try as he grabbed a coffee at a 7-Eleven in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston on Sunday.
“When it gets over a billion dollars it becomes compelling, so for $2 to potentially get $1.6 billion, that would be a pretty nice return on that investment,” said Higgins, 51, who lives in nearby Brookline.
First on his agenda, should he win: putting in his two-weeks’ notice at his sales job. Other than that, he says he would take care of the education of his two kids, who will be entering college soon.
“That’s obviously an awful lot of money, so I would really just help out my family in any way I could and probably buy a big house on the ocean somewhere.”

Put in your two weeks notice? Bro, are you kidding me right now? Zero chance you get up and go to that job you hate. You’re not fooling me, Dan. Hypothetically you win the $1.6 billion…you’re really going to risk having a heart attack at a sales job? Liar. You’re doing exactly what the rest of us are doing — telling our boss to suck it, you’re finished.
My hunch tells me we’re going to get multiple winners, like three winning tickets, and the winners will be spared the pressure of being worth more than MLB franchises. And then we’ll watch the Powerball climb and that will suck more money out of you.

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