Meet Jamia — All American Ginger & Instagram Golfer

I didn’t receive any Instagram Angler submissions today so we’ll move back over to the Instagram Golfers, a series that always kills with you guys. You guys are always looking for a 4th and I’m constantly giving you leads on ladies to shoot your shot with. Today we go to Vegas to meet Jamia, who calls herself an “All American Ginger.”
These days I’m not sure what “All American Ginger” is defined as, but I assume it means the type of ginger who will play 27, head to the 19th hole with you, order up a mixed drink and laugh at all the ridiculous golf stories before going out to a classy dinner and a nightcap. This is after all, Vegas we’re talking about. I imagine Jamia is clearly the life of the party.
I haven’t seen a single video from Jamia’s collection of how she hits a driver. It doesn’t matter, you just need a couple of clutch birdie putts out of her and it’ll be a great outing. Maybe you get a token wedge shot on like one hole. You take it. At the end of the day you just want to party and forget about answering phone calls and texts for like 4.5 hours.
In her latest photo, Jamia’s caption reads, “Just over here being a magical bitch.” That would be an all-american ginger magical bitch.

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