Louisiana Teacher Accused Of Banging In Classroom During Pep Rally, Student Recorded It All

Damn girl…those pep rallies are to fire up the football team or whatever, not to be banging a student (allegedly) in a classroom. What where you thinking Constance Robertson? Of course you’re innocent until proven guilty, but word on the street is that the student recorded himself banging you and shared it with other students. Dafuq is going on in these schools nowdays?
From The State:

During a pep rally day at Port Barre High School, Constance Robertson had sex with a student in a classroom, according to Police Chief Deon Boudreaux, KATC reported.
Robertson, a 25-year-old substitute teacher, has been working for the Louisiana school system since May 2017, the school board said in a statement, according to KLFY.
A video of the incident was discovered by school administrators, who informed the Port Barre Police Department, per the Daily World.
The video came from the 16-year-old student, who recorded the incident on his cellphone and was sharing it with other students, according to KATC. Police looked at the contents of the teenager’s phone and found evidence that led to Robertson’s arrest., the station reported.

Constance told detectives that she thought the student was 18. Hmm, I guess that changes the fact that you’re banging a student in a classroom during a pep rally. Where is your head, Constance? Risked it all. Smh.
One minute you’re making a few bucks sitting in a classroom with high school kids, the next minute you’re catching a serious charge and probably jail time over some table sex. It just boggles the mind what these teachers keep thinking.

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