Ohio Strippers Brawl In Strip Club Dressing Room Over Unwritten Rules Of The Trade

We had ourselves an old fashioned stripper brawl Friday night at the Tea House of the Dancing Lady in Sandusky, Ohio over the unwritten rules of the trade. You know, like a guy bunting to break up a no hitter. Or a guy stopping and ogling his home run for too long. In this case, we had a stripper stepping on another stripper’s turf and dancing for her clients. I guess that’s a big no-no in the stripper industry because the two strippers went at it around 9 p.m. on a big money night.
From the Sandusky Register:

Officers met with a woman, a dancer and the alleged victim, who claimed a colleague attacked her upon asking “what to do if a customer ask(s) for a private dance,” according to a police report.
The colleague, who’s also a woman and dancer there, told her not to give private dances to certain customers because, “She has regulars who she performs for, and it would be like stealing her money.”
The victim then asked the owner if other dancers could prevent her from performing private dances for specific customers. The owner said they could not.
After this conversation, the victim confronted the colleague in the dancers’ dressing room.
The colleague then allegedly attacked the victim, pulling her hair and striking her in the face with a closed fist. The victim, who didn’t want to pursue charges, said the attack continued for about 10 minutes before she eventually fought back. Several other dancers watched the altercation, with none stepping in to stop the assault, the report states.

The whole thing sounds like a complete mess for the Tea House. Strippers fighting are strippers who aren’t dancing on guys and making money for everyone. This is definitely trouble for the management. You can’t have unwritten rules violations causing business to suffer. We’re talking about a two-star Yelp operation with quite a page of reviews.

Let’s take a look at some of the better Tea House of the Dancing Lady reviews:

• What can I say? As I southern boy, the girls loved the accent. Hardly anyone in there. All the ladies to myself.
• I didn’t know if the person at the front was a dude or a chick regardless it was an asshole. Wouldn’t let us in bc we didn’t show our ID’s quick enough. Screw that place we just wanted to see some tiddies and the door lady/ guy was too messed up to let us
• Old Cyclopes at the door didn’t let a group of unfortunately sober, well dressed 30 year olds because he doesn’t like bachelor parties. “You all get too drunk.” Wow. We would have put them in the black for the month. Apparently this is an exclusive establishment for crack heads and meth addicts. Avoid at all costs. Just turn on youporn and save the effort.
• A small town strip club owned by a old guy who can barely get around.Avoid unless you want to see pure ratchet behavior.
• This is Sandusky’s only strip club.  It has a small parking lot, small interior, it’s dingy and right next to train tracks.  There is a low-income neighborhood with a lot of “metro” housing nearby.  The dancers are subpar and if the drunken owner Craig S. is there don’t fiddle with your cell phone or he may yank it out of your hand and smash it.
There have been plenty of posts on how guys should act inside a strip club, but I can’t seem to find unwritten rules for strippers themselves. Rules of the trade if you will. If you’re a stripper or know a stripper, I’d love to ask some questions about the unwritten rules. Of course you will be anonymous. I just want the details on what will cause another stripper to brawl in the dressing room.
[email protected] or @bustedcoverage — DMs are wide open

Customer rules at the Tea House:





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