Digital Craps Is Coming To Vegas & You'll Be Throwing The Bones On Glass

There’s a big gaming convention going on this week in Vegas and one thing that stood out immediately to me as I was going through tweets from media on the ground was this digital craps table where players will have an individual console to place bets and throw dice on a glass top. Definitely odd and definitely coming to Vegas casinos very soon.
Why? The claim is that millennials are more likely to play a digital version of craps and we all know that millennials will own all their parents wealth in the very near future. Vegas is looking to the future and how to separate a 30 year old, who grew up on video games, from his money. I’d also venture to guess that casinos would very much like to eliminate jobs, which would lead to higher profits. Makes sense, right? Of course they’re going to say that’s not the reason for digital games.

A Las Vegas gaming company hopes a new version of craps that combines a digital layout with a dealer and real dice will make the traditional casino game less intimidating and appeal to millennials and others who might pass by a felt-covered table.
Aruze Gaming’s Roll to Win Craps has been a popular attraction during the Global Gaming Expo this week at the Sands Expo Center.
Players place their bets digitally and roll the dice on a vibrant LED tabletop, with a live dealer monitoring all the action. Payouts are the same as on a regular table.

Whitney said he doesn’t see digital table games taking over casino floors, rather offering an alternative for guests who might shy away from the tables altogether.
“I think we have a very good opportunity to grow our (table games) business,” Whitney said. “The one game that keeps growing year over year is craps. It’s a communal game where people can root for one another. When you walk through a casino and you hear the loudest screams, they’re at the craps table.”
“I think the millennial type of customer will gravitate toward that excitement,” he said.

I was pretty surprised by the 50-50 or so reaction to the original tweet. I thought the majority of you would hate the idea of digital craps, but there are those who want speed of play to improve and this will definitely make that happen. There will be no chips and you won’t have 20 different hard way bets being yelled out at once. Enter your bets and go.

Will that kill the community vibe to craps? I guess if you roll a point, you roll a point. People will always go nuts for that. I think the money on the table aspect fascinates people and that will be lost. The people behind the digital craps table claim it will increase the community effect. Uh, how exactly?

Here’s what the future of kiosk sports betting looks like:

How will it all work?

IGT debuted the CrystalBetting Terminal at G2E. This betting station looks similar to CG Technology betting stations but is made especially for in-play sports betting while watching a game.
Each station allows bettors to customize their screen to show specific games they prefer to watch. The screen also shows in-play odds, and wagers can be placed directly on the screen. Bettors can even play the audio from the game they’re watching instead so they’re not stuck with whatever the sportsbook deems the important game.

You can also pretty much say goodbye to the old ladies taking bets at the sportsbook. Those days will be long gone over the next 10 years and way sooner on the Strip where casinos have to report to stock owners.

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