Ohio State Buckeyes Fan In Trouble For Filling Son's Sippy Cup With Booze, Getting Trashed At Movie Theater

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Cobb County, Georgia mom Kristina Gibson — also an Ohio State Buckeyes fan — is in hot water for (allegedly) getting ripped at a movie theater via booze in her kid’s sippy cup. I saw this story late last week, but thanks to a BC reader in the Columbus area, this became a legit BC post once I saw the Buckeyes gear. It’s a constant cry from Michigan fans…’You’re a huge homer, you never write anything bad about Ohio State.’
Uh, I’ll put my record up against any Michigan homer out there. Show me a more fair and balanced Michigan blogger that calls it like it is when it comes to his/her school. You can’t. Of course I’m going to post Kristina. This is legit content in the content business. Mom’s out here getting bombed via her kid’s sippy cup. I’m going to blog it.
From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

In the warrant, Cobb police allege Gibson drank the beverage and may have taken a central nervous system depressant while at the theater with her 5-year-old son. She became so intoxicated, she was “unable to walk, talk or care” for the child, whose cries prompted moviegoers to complain to theater employees, police said. Staff stopped Gibson from getting into her car with her son, according to the warrant.

A theater employee called police after moviegoers notified them about the woman, Cobb police spokesman Sgt. Wayne Delk told AJC.com Wednesday morning.

As an officer tried to zip her purse, Gibson told the official, “I will (expletive) kill you,” according to the warrant.

As for how Gibson’s neighbors are handling this situation, an Atlanta news channel was able to get one woman to go on record. “That’s horrible and like I said, very shocking for this neighborhood because it’s very family-oriented,” the woman said.
Hahahaha…because it’s family-oriented. And that means people aren’t all LIT TF up on prescriptions and booze? Yeah, good one. Of course these suburban moms are all lit up. Ever check Facebook in the middle of the afternoon? They’re on there fighting amongst themselves over the pettiest shitt you’ve ever seen. TV stations can put up a weather forecast and there are 50 women bitching amongst themselves. Would I be shocked if a woman pops a pill after going out of her mind via a Facebook fight? I wouldn’t.
The big no-no here for Kristina is that she didn’t cut the booze (looks like a vodka drinker) with enough MiO. Gotta load it up, Kristina. Make it a double next time and use Uber.
By the way, why is the 5-year-old still using a sippy cup? Grow TF UP kid.

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