Ole Miss Fan Arrested For 1990 Starkville Murder & Sexual Assault

Police will announce on Monday that they have their guy — Ole Miss fan Michael Devaughn — in a 1990 murder & sexual assault case that has befuddled Starkville police for all these years, but recent DNA research has led to this arrest, sources tell Starkville media outlets.
Devaughn, wearing his trusty Ole Miss shirt, was perp walked Saturday night and didn’t have anything to say to the media about his arrest. This is where I let you know Michael is a big stand for the flag & god guy(see below).
From WCBI:

WCBI can confirm Michael W. Devaughn, 51, has been charged with capital murder and sexual battery.
Outside sources tell WCBI News that Starkville investigators arrested Devaughn Saturday evening as part of the investigation into the cold case murder of Betty Jones and the assault on Kathryn Crigler.
Starkville Police spokesman Brandon Lovelady will not confirm that this arrest is connected to the Labor Day case. But Lovelady says that Starkville Police Chief Frank Nichols has scheduled a news conference Monday in connection to Devaughn’s arrest.

From the Starkville Daily News:

Few details have been released about DeVaughn up to this point, but SPD Public Information Officer Brandon Lovelady said there will be a press conference on Monday.
“When we have an official time, we will put that out,” he said.
The Starkville Daily News previously reported that technology has offered certain breaks in the case that were unavailable when the crime occurred.
SPD Sgt. Bill Lott was named the lead investigator of the Labor Day Murder Case in 2004 and in 2005 he submitted the suspect’s DNA to Scale’s Biological Laboratory, which would lead to the development of the suspect’s semen-based profile for the first time in the case’s history.

I thought for sure Michael would give us one final “Hotty Toddy” before going to jail pending the trial that is coming up.

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