Couple Of Women Traded Punches & Pulled Hair At Today’s Raiders-Chargers Game

Of course Raiders and Chargers women punched each other during today’s game at the StubHub Center. I was down in the basement putting down a layer of self-leveling concrete and listening to RedZone as the Chargers were beating up on the Raiders and thinking of all the fight videos I would come across tonight while doing my searches.

I finished up, ate a little dinner and dug into the StubHub content. Didn’t take long before I found these brawlin’ mamacitas who might’ve had a couple too many Modelos and thought they might as well swing on each other from those great seats. Seats like that mean we get great footage of such a brawl.

Looks like we also had a citizen(s) arrest at today’s game. You don’t see those too often. I do this for a living and can’t remember regular citizens hauling a guy out…unless those are undercover cops. That wouldn’t be out of the question at one of these rivalry games where you know something bad is going to happen.

Looks like a quiet day for these Raider fans…just catch a football game and go home to clean up before the work week: