Georgia Southern Football Coach Chad Lunsford Courting The Frats Via Steel Chairs

I have a friend who is a professor at Georgia Southern and all I ever hear is how great Georgia Southern is and how the football team is great, and the students who party there are great, how great the college town is, etc., etc., etc. Now this week all I’m hearing is how great Georgia Southern head coach Chad Lunsford is. Glowing messages hit my inbox. This week I learned that Lunsford is reviving the program via steel chairs.

Turns out that Lunsford, who took over during the 2017 and went 2-4 to finish out the season, has his team at 2-1 — wins over powerhouses South Carolina State and UMass — but he’s making headlines because he’s taken his steel chair slamming bit he does after victories to the frat houses and is challenging the fratties to slam a chair and give it a people’s elbow.

Seems fun for college kids, right? Of course it is.

My GA Southern professor friend reports: “Chad’s a great guy. Been here a long time and finally got a shot and so far is doing well. Most importantly – selling tix.”

Look, this is exactly what you want out of these schools where they’ll be playing in the Dollar General Bowl as a reward for having their heads slammed in for 12 weeks. Have some fun, drop some bows, put people in the seats, sell a few hot dogs, drink a couple brewskis and give these football players a little something to laugh about after a win.

Telling you right now, these guys won’t care if they won the Camellia Bowl against some MAC school. They’ll share these locker room videos for the rest of their lives. This is a genius play by Lunsford.

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