Browns Fan Unloading His ‘Go Browns’ Box Truck After 1 Win

All it took was one win and I’m starting to see multiple Browns tailgating rides hitting the market during a time when it would seem like Browns fans would be holding on tight to those rides so they can have a tailgating setup when the Browns go on the road in the playoffs. Or you can look at it on the other hand – Browns fans are trying to get top dollar out of their tailgating rides so they can go all-in buying December tickets so they can scalp and make a fortune when there’s meaningful football around Christmas.

That brings me to this tailgating box truck that’s for sale at $11,500. Maybe this is just a listing to see if they can get some guy to bite at that price. There are some serious head games going on right now with these people. Do you buy now and risk overpaying or wait to see if things go to hell and then buy during the offseason. That’s what Baker mania can do in just one game.

From the seller:

Everything you need to tailgate for the Cleveland Browns as you follow Baker to the Super Bowl. This truck comes fully equipped with a working bathroom, running water, microwave, 2 TV’s, cabinets and countertops, lights, and decorations. It also comes stocked with a portable generator, enormous sound system with DJ tower (pre-loaded with thousands of songs and music videos), coolers, grills, chairs…just roll into the muni-lot and you’re ready to go.

The a brand new engine was installed in 2016, and has less than 500 miles on it. It has been well maintained and always stored in a climate controlled warehouse.

We accept bitcoin!

The key here is definitely the toilet. Can’t say it loud enough…having a toilet at a Browns tailgate is gold. It separates tailgates. I was in a Browns bus that normally charges people to take a leak unless you know somebody. No dumps. You’re not allowed to drop a bomb in any of these personal toilets.

There was one tailgating trailer where people had wrist bands giving them access to the toilet. It’s serious business so take that into consideration with this box truck.

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