Dolphins Ladies Ride A Stripper Pole At Sunday's Tailgate

I remember a couple of stripper poles at tailgates over the years here on BC. There was one at Louisville that stands out. Then there’s always a stripper pole at the Muni Lot in Cleveland. I seem to also remember a stripper pole at a Texas Longhorns tailgate. Then the world got all serious about making tailgating all wholesome and stripper poles started to disappear. It appeared for a couple years at least that football fans got all PC with their tailgating and stopped bringing stripper poles for ladies to climb.
That’s why I was happy to see a stripper pole at Sunday’s Dolphins tailgate, a place where you’d assume there would be multiple stripper poles spread throughout the scene around Hard Rock Stadium. I just assumed stripper poles outside that stadium was like fine china at an Ole Miss tailgate — it’s the ordinary.
I was able to find a 2017 Dolphins tailgating post on the BC server that features some pole work. This 2018 version deserves some extra credit since it’s in the bed of a truck.
I’m going to need help from you guys. Send videos or pics if you see a stripper pole at a tailgate. I’d like to Make Tailgating Great Again by encouraging people to feel comfortable with bringing stripper poles to tailgates. It’s time to make things fun again. Maybe get in a little cardio while smashing White Claws.
Hit me up.
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Bonus table smash!

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